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Professor & Program Director of Neurosurgery

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The Brain Surgeon's Take

New episodes weekly! 

The Brain Surgeon's Take is a discussion based podcast where experts in every field from Nobel Laureates to Navy SEALS to NASA Astronauts to NFL Athletes sit down and talk with world renowned Neurosurgeon and Professor of Neurological Surgery Dr. Rick Komotar.

Dr. Eric Schulze: Cultivated Meat - The Future of Food

Dr. Eric Schulze: Cultivated Meat - The Future of Food

Eric Schulze, PhD is a professional molecular biologist, genetic engineer, and former federal biotechnology regulator. He is currently Founder and CEO of GOODHUMANS STRATEGY & DESIGN AGENCY, a full-service food innovation consultancy for a climate-changing world. Previously, Dr. Schulze has served as Vice President of Global Regulatory and Public Policy at UPSIDE FOODS, the world’s first cultivated meat company. At UPSIDE, he led the company’s regulatory-, policy-, and government affairs. Dr. Schulze and his team developed the policy and processes that brought the first-ever cultivated meat product to market in the US in 2023. Dr. Schulze also served in a company spokesperson capacity and launched the first-ever cultivated meat FSQA program, first regulatory affairs program, food product development program, and cell line development program. Before the private sector, he served as a U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulator, handling a portfolio of novel food and drug biotechnology products. As a civil servant, Dr. Schulze also served as a federal STEM education policy capacity within the National Science Foundation and currently works with the National Academy of Sciences on undergraduate STEM education transformation. He holds an interdisciplinary doctorate in genetic, cellular, and molecular biology with a specialty in embryonic stem cell engineering from the University of Southern California (2010), a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Loyola University New Orleans (2005), and is trained in broadcast communication, speechwriting, and risk assessment.
Rohan Marley: All Things Cannabis

Rohan Marley: All Things Cannabis

Rohan Marley is the founder of Marley Coffee and son of legendary musician and visionary Bob Marley. Rohan was born in Jamaica in 1972 and later moved to the United States, going on to study sociology at the University of Miami and starring as a linebacker for the U of M Hurricanes. He would later go on to play professionally for the Canadian Football League's Ottawa Rough Riders, but throughout his football career, Rohan knew deep in his heart that he would one day return to his family roots like his father, whose dream was to eventually become a farmer. In 1999, Rohan's dream began taking shape when he found and bought 52 acres of land atop Jamaica's Blue Mountains, one of the world's most prized coffee-producing regions. In 2007, Rohan founded the Marley Coffee brand, finally fulfilling his ancestors' deep-rooted love for farming. Rohan is a passionate entrepreneur and visionary, like his father, combining his creativity and business acumen to create a self-sustainable and certified organic coffee farm which aims to help preserve Earth's natural balance. Marley Coffee has seen rapid growth in the gourmet marketplace, thanks to the rich, bold flavors of their coffee beans, and to Rohan's unwavering support of sustainable, organic, and Fair Trade farming practices.Rohan has also carried on Bob's legacy by establishing the Tuff Gong Clothing Company, named after his father's music label, Tuff Gong International. "The clothes are for everyone," says Rohan. "They're for the people - just like my father's music."
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